Does anyone else have a man like this....Im 10 wks pregnant.?

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I have other kids and when i sleep or rest he doesnt think to feed them or see to thier needs, when i wake they are nagging at me because they are hungry or need something. nothing gets done when i rest and i wake up to more mess.

I am being a little moody, but when i snap at him, he is snapping back and shouting at me and having a go at me.

If im feeling ok and begin the backlog of house work, he just sits watching tele, playing on computer and is oblivious to me climbing on top bunk to make bed or carrying hoover up and down stairs ect. if i ask for a drink or a sandwich, he rolls his eyes and tuts. He wont get up and make me a drink and peice of toast in the morining. he lies in bed listening to me being sick. i am worrying i have made a big mistake. My other children are teenagers from a previous marrage and they help me more than he does and they say things like " why are you doing that mum. He lacks forethought and has little parenting skills. How do i help him.




  1. What does he need help with? He has a maid, cook, housekeeper. et al. Sounds like his life is great, you are the one that needs help. I'd say you need help packing his things so he can move on to his next servant.

    Other sdo have a man like that but they are normally our teenage sons, not our partners.

    If your other kids (as you wrote, seems he's one of them also) are teenagers then he doesn't need to care for them. They should take care of themselves.

    Did you take this man to raise or what?  You need to read what you wrote above. Why would any man want to change whne you take all his c**p and feel bad for being moody? I doubt your stupid so maybe you just need a rude awakening. I hope for your babes sake this is it. Good luck. Run, do not walk, away from this mess your in.

  2. You got the b***s that means god intended you to feed the babys.

    I love god he plans things so well

    EDIT btw pick better husbands. Figure out if its a mistake or not BEFORE a child comes along

  3. So did the two of you discuss any of this BEFORE you started having kids?  Did you let him know what you expected of him BEFORE you had kids?  If not then you have nothing to complain about.  YOU should have communicated your needs prior to having children.  He isn't interested in helping out around the house.  Time to get a housekeepr then.

  4. You need to tell him to pull his act together or tell him to leave! My partner did everything for me when I was pregnant, if I wanted to I could've never moved out of my bed, that would have drove me insane though lol.

  5. If you weren't pregnant I would say dump the

    selfish pig. As it is,talk to him without getting mad and try to pound through his thick head that he has to start pulling his weight.

    Sorry,but I think it was poor judgment on your part to hook up with someone like that in the first place. Sad to say he's probably not going to change.

  6. you are not his partners :you are his  mum . he is about to be a father  hes ,just a big hairy leech.  you gain no help or emotional or physical assistance so why bother having a man around? he is seriously not worth your time .Unfortunatly men like this don't change. It sound like he doesnt want the responsibility of fatherhood.

    The teens should also be changing their own beds and helping out a little more, teenagers are selfish, you dont need a new bigger child....teens do tend to grow out of it, he wont!

    you need to voice your feelings and tell him he is about to lose you and become  a statistic weekend father if he cant show his love or  some gratitude that you are carrying his 1st child.

  7. He need to have more consideration for you and your baby, he need to stop been lazy and help you out, tell him how you feel and tell him you need support from him and if he don't change his ignorant mind talk to your brother and he can get some friends or maybe your cousins so they can give him some common sense (F!@# is A!@ UP)

  8. fereal you should leave him

    i know your in no place to do that right now but he dosent care for you now why would you want to spend the rest of your life and most of your childrens life he's rude and disrespectful and whenever you get the chance you need to walk away and care for you and your family intil you can find sombody else who will care for you.

  9. Does he have a job? If not then boot him'll be better off. IF he does then get counceling....and MAKE him go.

  10. and your question is..?

  11. h**l no, Do you love being treated like this ?  If the guy is useless then why keep him around .  The way you help him is by opening the suitcase putting his clothes and belongings in their and showing him the door.

  12. Guys are not psychic. You doing all the work all the time is not helping him learn how to help you or meet your needs. Make lists, explain clearly and briefly (not a lecture) what you need him to do, and by when. Praise him when he does things, notice when he's being helpful, and tell him thanks. A lot! Play up to his strength, his competence, make sure he knows you need him and value him.

    It sounds obvious, I know, but as women we often expect the man in our lives to be observant and to understand intuitively when we need help or a hug. Unfortunately, our expectations are too high, and we need to communicate our needs more clearly.

    'It would be nice if that clean washing on the sofa got folded," is not clear enough - you need to be specific. 'Can you please fold the washing and put it away in the kids' bedrooms, while I make dinner? Thank you.'

  13. Sounds like you should be letting him fend for himself for a while.  If your kids are teens, why aren't they feeding themselves? Have you tried asking him to feed you in the mornings? Most men are dumb when it comes to the thoughtful side of things, so spell it out for him. If he can't get the point after that, then either accept you married a lazy ***, or get rid of him.

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