I want my 17 year old son to end his relationship with his lazy and demanding girlfriend. What to do?

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I want my 17 year old son to end his relationship with his lazy and demanding girlfriend. What to do?




  1. Tell him how u feel and why u feel that way. Describe exactly what she does that makes her lazy.demanding. Then see how he feels about it that she does those things. and maybe he'll see the light...

    But if not and he thinks its fine what she does..then u cant do nuthin about it.. :)

  2. give it time, it will run it's course and be over with before you know it. If it seems to last longer than you think it should, start talking about your future grandkids.

  3. He is 17 if he wanted to leave home and get a place with her he could do it very easily.  Stop pushing.  Let him figur it out himself.  However when she comes to YOUR home you CAN expect her to respect your rules and if she doesn't you CAN tell her to leave.

  4. You can't do anything, he is over 16.

  5. I don't think you can do much but be there for him to talk to. If you say things he might get angry.

  6. Ack...I've been here, with friends, and family, who have dated people that I've absolutely despised.  I've warned them , and pointed out the bad traits...and in the end, they don't listen...the heart wants, what the heart wants, and in will work itself out, and he will move on...he's 17...he'll be with lots of other girls before his days are through:) Just guide him to make responsible choices, and try to encourage him NOT to get her pregnant....other then guidance, and love, and understanding....there isnt much you can really do.

  7. You can't do much he is nearly 18 and can make his own decisions about his romantic life.

  8. Everything you say about his relationship he's going to take in a wrong way. Start off by saying that you want to have a serious talk about it and that your not trying to tell him what to do or trying to argue with him about it. Choose your words wisely and ask him how he feels in in the relationship. What matters is his happiness and maybe theres a different side to the girl that your not seeing

  9. Nothing - the more you try and push him away from her, the more appealing she will seem.

    He'll get over her soon enough.  Just don't enable him in any way.

  10. Just mind your own business.  Getting involved in your kids' relationships is always going to make you the bad guy.

  11. it is better safe than sorry, use an "hechizo" and they won't tolerate each other ever again.

  12. I've found as a parent, the more I push the harder they rebel.

    Good Luck!

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