Would you leave your 7 year old home alone?

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Here's the deal...My niece is 7. I don't think it's right, but would you leave a 7 year old home alone for 20 min or so while she was in bed?




  1. Get outta here....I dont even leave my 7 year old alone in the car while I pump gas...let alone ALONE...what if in that 20 mins, the child wakes up, scared out of her mind and calls 911, to be the least of the probs....or what if somthing happened to her in that time frame???  Children need adults to care for them, thats the whole point.

  2. Depends, if it was really important and she was asleep then yes but under no other circumstances, I wouldnt leave her, say, to go to the shop or something

  3. I wasn't left home alone even for a second at that age!

  4. yes if she was asleep but if not no if she is asleep dont tell her that you are going to be gone she will get scared lock the doors

  5. i wouldn't. wait till she's 10.

  6. No. Anything could happen in 20 mins.

  7. No! Not only is it illegal, but it's unsafe. Ever heard of Madeline McCann?

  8. nope, not at all.

  9. no i wouldn't do that.  Anything can happen in 20 min.  Plenty of time for someone to break in, or a fire to start or for her to wake up and find that no one is home which could be quite a shock

  10. Nope.  Even the most responsible 7 year old can't fight off predators.  Remember Madeleine McCann?  She was abducted while she was asleep, and her parents weren't even very far away.  Call me paranoid, but I would load up my sleeping 7 year old in the car and do whatever I needed to do if it couldn't wait.

  11. Kim is an idiot.

    Yes it's fine.

  12. No, leaving a child that young home alone no matter how short of time is against the law, it is called child endangerment and neglect and if CPS gets wind of it the child will be removed from the home and placed into foster care.

  13. absolutely not!! But i know of people who do that stuff.she left her 7 yr old while she went out and did do they think that a child can defend for themselves if something happened like a break-in?  these people should have their kids taken away from them. i dont care for their excuses.if you have a date and no babysitter either take them with or dont go.once you have kids your entire world of responsibilities change.

  14. You are already trying to justify your question before anyone has answered. I am amazed on what people try to justify with them selves to get away with being so lazy.  

    Then in 10 years you are going to blame the niece for being screwed up, while  having a 55 yr old boyfriend and wonder  how any of this could of happened......

  15. sure!

  16. No.  And if they were to wake up, they would probably panic.

  17. not at all!  The longest my 8 yo stay alone is my walk to the car or mailbox

  18. i would never.....if i have to go far.but 20 min its too much

  19. NOPE

  20. h**l NO! 7 is way too young to be left alone...period! I can't believe people would ay it's fine and not to tell her you are leaving. So what happens when she wakes up and no one is there, how scary would that be? You people are idiots and I hope you don't have children.

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