Vincent Labrune happy for Jose Anigo

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The Olympique de Marseille president feels that Jose Anigo and new coach Elie Baup have struck the right chemistry
The last three seasons as the sporting director of Olympique de Marseille were not easy for Jose Anigo. During those three seasons, the Frenchman had to deal with Didier Deschamps. The two men were always in open conflict in eachother.
During Deschamps’ time at the dugout, Anigo’s influence at the club was minimum as he had a strange three-year journey. Today, things have seemingly changed for the former Marseille coach. The sporting director, following the appointment of Elie Baup, is
set to play a leading role at the club once again.
On good terms with Elie Baup, Anigo was one of the decision-makers who supported the nomination of Baup as the next coach. The two seem to get along pretty well and reports claim that the new coach is also impressed with Anigo’s ideas for the club.
Jose Anigo is keen on bringing with Anigo to discuss a move to the Canebiere
with both players.
The club’s economic situation was another reason why Deschamps left. The now national team manager wanted to build a squad on his own – something that could not happen at Marseille right now. Baup on the other hand, is aware of the club’s financial
Nobody knows for sure if Baup will run out of patience but for now, it appears that the two are getting along quite well.
While talking to the media, president, Vincent Labrune, admitted that the two men are getting along well and added that Anigo is on better terms with Baup than he was with Deschamps.
“Today, there is a better chemistry between Jose and Elie, than it was between Jose and Didier,” admitted the president who will have one issue less to deal with next season.
Baup agreed to land on the Canebiere island without knowing if he will have huge resources at his disposal or not. The task for the new manager is not an easy one but being on good terms with Jose Anigo could make his Marseille adventure a bearable one at



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