Sporting director Jose Anigo a happy man again

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The Olympique de Marseille is indeed enjoying working with new coach Elie Baup with whom he is on cordial terms as opposed to the previous manager Didier Deschamps
With the way the season has started for, Jose Anigo might be the happiest man in Canebiere at the moment. The sporting director, who also had a brief spell as the club’s coach a few years back, has returned to the thick of things at
Stade Velodrome following the departure of his eternal adversary, Didier Deschamps.
The now manager and Anigo enjoyed a feisty relationship and last season, things became hotter than ever when the duo had a war of words through media. Les Phoceens had made a terrible start to that forgettable campaign and Deschamps and Anigo’s frustrations
at eachother got the better out of them.
Forced to live away from the club for almost seven months, Anigo now carries the impression of a fish that found water again. While talking to L’Equipe, the Frenchman said that it would have been impossible for him to continue working with Deschamps like
that. The duo had not spoken for a long time and the situation had to come to an end.
And, in the end it was Didier Deschamps who chose to walk away after three years at Marseille.
“Was it a relief? No. Because anyway, I would not have continued like that. You cannot live apart for years. The situation could not continue. At one point, he had to be happy when I was not. But this has hardened me. I understand the system better.”
Confined to just watching the team play for almost a year, Anigo has started a new chapter at OM alongside Elie Baup, a man who seems more malleable than his predecessor and does not have the final say on recruitment.
“I am working again in all areas of sport, with players, with Eli and in recruitment. Everything that makes a sporting director feel useful. I do my and I try to do the best possible.”
Four wins in four games, on top of the Ligue 1 standings and a great start to the season, life is beautiful again and the world seems to be a happier place for Anigo, something that nobody can take away from him.



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