Olympique de Marseille President Vincent Labrune reveals strategy for 2011/2012 Ligue 1 Championelle

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Olympique de Marseille President Vincent Labrune reveals strategy for 2011/2012 Ligue 1 Championelle
Olympique de Marseille President, Vincent Labrune, wants to compete in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League as well as win the French Ligue 1 in the upcoming 2011/2012 campaign.     
Labrune has revealed that despite the not spending too lavishly on players in the current summer window, Les Phoceens have been able to produce satisfactory results over the past three years.
The newly appointed President said in an interview, “We have spent nearly 11 million Euros, which is  four-times less than our average investments of the last three summers, not by choice, but because it is vital for the survival of the club.”  
He added, “It’s a little frustrating, but we are rather pleased with the staff recruitment. The atmosphere is good we have determined players, warriors.” The 40-year-old Frenchman stated that 60 percent of the season is played during the transfer window.
Comparing the situation with last season, Labrune said, “Last season, the atmosphere was not heavy, but harmful between leaders, between staff, between the players ... OM was a bear garden, we were on the verge of implosion, in a soft focus total. Everyone
wanted and could leave” 
Labrune indicated that under his reign things at have started to calm down. The staff at Stade Velodrome is in a much more pleasant environment and revealed that the coach is willing to stay at the club and so are the main players.
He also indicated that main players of Les Phoceens have been given new contracts which means that they will be playing for the club for many years to come.
The President was disappointed in not being able to defend the title last season and has motivated his players to take revenge by winning the upcoming 2011/2012 Championelle, and prove that they are one of the best teams in
Vincent Labrune has set some realistic targets for les Phoceens in the upcoming Ligue 1 season, which includes competing with their rivals Paris Saint-Germain, gain automatic qualification for the Champions League by finishing in the top two and make it
to the last-eight of the Champions League at the least.



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