Opening day of ASP 4-Star Quiksilver Surf Open Acapulco delivers plenty of action

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Opening day of ASP 4-Star Quiksilver Surf Open Acapulco delivers plenty of action
The opening day of Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 4-Star Quiksilver Surf Open Acapulco saw the completion of Round 1 (Round of 112) as well as the first four heats of Round 2 (Round of 96) at Playa Revolcadero in Acapulco, Mexico, on Tuesday,
July 17.
With clean four-to-six foot waves on offer at the primary event site, the day delivered a series of exciting contests as the promising young surfing talent from around the globe battled it out for survival.
It had not been long since Costa Rica’s Anthony Segura made his appearance in ASP events, but he already began to feel right at home. Opening his Quiksilver Surf Open Acapulco campaign, the young gun put on an impressive performance to get the better of
local talent, namely Roberto Salinas and Johnny Corzo, with a 7.33 and 4.17-point ride.
He kept the momentum going in the next round and managed to secure runner-up place behind America’s Michael Powell to move into Round 3 (Round of 64).
“This is my second Star rated ASP event and I’m happy to make it through that first round,” Segura said. “I was lucky to find that one 7 and it was enough to get me through the heat. I feel like I surfed well in El Salvador, but I didn’t make my heat, so
it feels good to get a win there.”
Powell was making his return to competition after recovering from a leg injury that he had sustained in El Salvador. He wasted very little time to make an impact while squaring off with Segura, America’s Bobby Okvist and Mexico’s Mitchell Salazar. Scoring
a 7.33 and 4.03 off his top-two waves, he walked away with a convincing win, consequently securing his spot in the next round.
America’s Oliver Kurtz earned the highest single-wave score of the day after pulling off a massive front-side air for an 8.83. He went on to finish with a heat-total of 14.40 points, thus claiming victory over his fellow countryperson Tim Reyes, Mexico’s
Raul Medina and Puerto Rico’s Alejandro Moreda.
America’s Victor Done and Colin Moran claimed top honours in the second and third heat of Round 2 respectively.



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