Dubai Dynamo likely to prevail in Delancey Handicap

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Dubai Dynamo likely to prevail in Delancey Handicap
Dubai Dynamo is likely to shine in the Delancey Handicap at Ascot in England on Friday, July 20, 2012. The experienced runner will have to be at his best in order to claim a cash prize of £7,439 in the end.
Overnight rain has made the conditions soft in the 1 mile event, which is scheduled to start at 17:05 GMT. A total of nine runners will be battling out for glory in the class-3 race and the spectators will be looking forward to some exciting racing.
There are some exciting and young challengers roaring to do well at Ascot, but none can match the experience of Dubai Dynamo, who is carrying very good form and will make life extremely difficult for his rivals. He has been given a general starting price
of 3 to 1 by the bookmakers and the punters will also be expecting him to do well at the end of the day.
The veteran gelding has participated in a total of 83 events, which shows that he has raced in different conditions throughout his career. He is a fine performer and has done well in the ongoing season.
Overall, the Ruth Carr’s trainee does not have a good strike rate, as he has just won 11 events. In addition to that, he has secured the runner up spot on eight times whereas finished third on 10 occasions.
The seven-year-old challenger made his debut way back in 2007 and did not have to wait long before bringing up his maiden victory. He was rated as the favourite in his fourth race of the career and did not disappoint the bookies, winning by a couple of lengths.
He enjoyed more success that year and gained a lot of confidence after a successful year.
However, Kyllachy’s son was unable to win with consistency afterwards and there were a lot of ups and downs in his career. He has participated in a lot of races this year, but has managed to win just on a couple of occasions. His last victory came in his
most recent outing, which shows that he is carrying a decent momentum right now.
Dubai Dynamo’s partner in today’s race will be seasoned jockey, P. J. McDonald.
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