Andy Schleck and Frank Schleck to sign up with Team Astana for the 2013 season

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Andy Schleck and Frank Schleck to sign up with Team Astana for the 2013 season

Two of the top stage race cyclists, Andy Schleck and Frank Schleck are said to have signed up with Team Astana for the coming season.
Frank Schleck is currently going through a tough patch after a positive doping test at the Tour de France which made him abandon the race.
"Our team attaches great value to transparency,” Team RadioShack-Nissan replied on the matter.
“Because of this, we can announce the following as a response to the adverse analytical finding of xipamide in Fränk Schleck's urine sample of July 14 during the Tour de France”.
"After being informed by the UCI about the presence of xipamide in the urine sample of Fränk Schleck on July 14, the team has decided to immediately withdraw Fränk Schleck from the Tour de France”.
"However, the team is fully determined to collaborate with the anti-doping agencies in order to resolve the matter".
Andy Schleck is also having a disappointing season and has not been able to bag a single victory for Team RadioShack-Nissan in the first half of the season.
The Tour de France 2011 runner-up is  a big absentee this year which is mainly because of a knee treatment that he had earlier in May 2012.
The news of both the Schleck brothers signing up with Giuseppe Martinelli’s team is reported by numerous local Luxembourg newspapers. printed that the duo has not yet finalised the financial details with the team but all the remaining formalities have already been completed.
Both the brothers marked their professional debuts with Team CSC and stayed with the side by the end of 2010 season.
They signed up with Team Leopard Trek in 2011 and became part of the strong Team RadioShack-Nissan squad through 2012 season.
The duo helped the team with their outstanding performances in the past seasons and their best performance in a group came during the Tour de France 2011.
Both, Andy and Frank Schleck occupied the second and third positions during the three-week race with Cadel Evans securing the top spot.
The Schlecks are under contract with Leopard SA through 2013 which is the main authority behind Team RadioShack-Nissan.
Only time will tell, if Leopard SA allows Andy and Frank to leave the side prior to the end of their contract.



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