Kobe Bryant feels ‘overlooked’ David Beckham still plays an important role in the London Olympics – NBA Update

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Kobe Bryant feels ‘overlooked’ David Beckham still plays an important role in the London Olympics – NBA Update
David Beckham, perhaps the most famous football star of his generation, was unable to make the final cut for Great Britain’s football team participating in the 2012 London Olympics, when it was announced nearly a month back.
Beckham was deemed too old for a squad which includes Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy and Micah Richards. The fact of not making it to the Olympic squad has been very disappointing for Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy star  has shown
his disappointment publically on more than a couple of occasions.
However Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers henchman and a close friend of the English footballer believes that Beckham will play a key part in the Olympics, as an ambassador.
"I know David Beckham well and I love Becks and I tease him all the time about the Olympics coming up, I know he's going to have a great amount of responsibility so he's going to be pretty busy as an ambassador. So he's looking
forward to it and he's very excited.” -  Bryant said as reported by Barrie White of the Mancunian Matters.
Bryant felt that Beckham could still have contributed a lot to UK’s team, which will be vying to win a football gold in front of their own people;
"Yeah he was disappointed to have missed out and I would have liked to have seen him some type of role in the team, with his leadership and his intelligence.
"He would definitely have helped the team out. I don't know if he will be watching the game against Team GB."
Kobe is the part of the US Basketball team which landed in Manchester yesterday to play an exhibition game with Luol Deng led United Kingdom. This was the first time since 1948 that a US Basketball  has played in UK, and in attendance
there were a lot football players and Amir ‘ the King’ Khan.
United States went on to win the game 118-78 and will now head to Spain to take on the Spaniards and the Argentines, before the basketball tournament officially kicks off on 29th July.



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