New York Mets rout Washington Nationals 9-5 as R.A. Dickey shines on the mound - MLB Update

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New York Mets rout Washington Nationals 9-5 as R.A. Dickey shines on the mound - MLB Update
Starter R.A. Dickey keeps the New York Mets from collapsing as he helps the club win 9-5 against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park, Washington, D.C. on July 19, 2012 in the last game of the three match series.
Dickey becomes the rightful saviour of the club, providing them a win at a time when they are sliding down towards a slump.
In light of the fact that New York lost last two games and was swept in the series before by Atlanta Braves, one can understand how important the role Dickey has played now.
Before this match, it was being predicted that if New York go on to face another sweep, their chances to comeback in the contention for winning a play-off spot will be minimal.
In this context, the win can be another opportunity for the club to adopt a new course and start winning games.
Offensively, the Mets witnessed their third-baseman David Wright striking two home-runs in the game. Similarly, their first baseman Ike Davis slammed a home-run on Thursday.
After the game, Wright talked about the significance of the victory. He is of the view that they have missed chances in the last couple of games and if they had capitalised on them, they will have won them.  
"From here on out, a win is obviously a big win. We've dug ourselves a big hole, but the funny thing is we've haven't played terribly," Wright said. "I think we've given an inning away here and there on this road trip, and that's come back to cost us, but
it seemed like every game we had a chance to win."
Dickey threw a little more than seven innings, while striking-out five and giving up four runs.
Meanwhile, the Nationals will be unpleasantly surprised after they saw their starter Gio Gonzalez experiencing his worst outing of the season. Gonzalez has been near perfect in the season but on Thursday he gave up six runs in little more than three innings.
As the series has concluded now, the Mets will like to take the winning moments as an opportunity to think on their weak areas and come out improved in the upcoming games.



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