Vincent Labrune happy with first half of the season

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The Olympique de Marseille president has congratulated his players and coaching staff for ending the year in style but has said that the club’s recent accomplishments do not mean that the season’s objectives would be revised

The end to the first half of the 2012/2013 Ligue 1 campaign has indeed been a great one for who were in all sorts of troubles at the end of last season. Devoid of Champions League football for the first time in many a years, the Rhone
giants were in for tougher times ahead according to many people.
However, the new coach, Elie Baup has achieved a miracle at Stade Velodrome and the club’s current standing in the Championnat is a proof of this fact. And the former Toulouse man’s achievements have not gone unnoticed in the eyes of club president, Vincent
The president says that things happening in the summer had made things complicated and with such limited resources and a small group of players, what the club has done, is very enviable.
“We had somewhat of a complicated setup this summer as everyone knows that we had limited resources and a small group. But each of them has given 100% and now we are at a totally enviable and very satisfying position.”
Labrune also said that as the club has started overcoming its financial problems, a good second half of the campaign is also a likelihood.
Not many people expected Les Phoceens to be in the top three halfway through the season but now that Elie Baup’s men are fighting with the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and for the Championelle, many people naturally feel that the club
can also fight for the title.
However, Labrune is not getting carried away by this and says that the club’s main goal is to play in Europe next season. Finishing fifth would be considered a good achievement according to Labrune.
“If we are fifth, we will be in equilibrium. Even to be fourth or third would be important for the club to qualify for the Champions League. Today, we can dream of a potential qualification for the Champions League and it would be great news for us.”



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