How many people find love online in the UK

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How many people find love online in the UK

How many people find love online in the UK. I read this in a newspaper the other day and it is hard to believe. Here is what the paper said about finding love online:

Currently only 20% of UK people use the Internet to access online services that allow other people to find dates.

In the U.S. the figure is 40% , but the dating business is growing seven times faster in Europe.

This study ensures that the benefits of dating these businesses will grow this year by 43% , in the UK expected profits for 2014 is 120 pounds.

Valentine day is the biggest traffic day for the dating sites. I guess it’s the day we seem to feel more romantic or more alone and because we talk more of love and that makes us go searching for the perfect partner.

What I find hard to believe is this, there is no way 4 in every ten people in the uk find love online. Is online dating this popular or the newspaper writer was pulling numbers out of his hat?

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