What is the best way to find love for valentine day

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What is the best way to find love for valentine day? I don't want to be alone, want to be with someone special.

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  1.  Finding love for valentine day is easy.  You just have to look in the right places.  The best thing to do is to first find, where did you lose it.  If you can remember the place you lost it at, it would be your starting point.  Finding love is no difference than finding your cat.  Following should help:

    If you have a picture, you can simply go around and ask people if they seen your love. 

    Print pictures of yourself and post them around the city, so people know, you are missing your love and contact you incase they find it

    make sure to add your email address, phone number and home address to the looking for love postings

    If you still don't hear anything maybe you can go to the love stores and see if they have it there (on the internet, the love stores is called dating sites)

    If you still can't find love, come back and tell me and i will give you the final and the easiest way to find love.  Have fun. 

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