Tennessee Titans in wait on playoff chance after beating Texans 23-22 on past Sunday – NFL Recap

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Tennessee Titans in wait on playoff chance after beating Texans 23-22 on past Sunday – NFL Recap
The Tennessee Titans beat the American Football Conference (AFC) south champions the Houston Texans with the score at 23-20 into their favour on past Sunday to keep their hopes well alive for a wild card berth into playoff.
Two touchdown passes from their quarterback Matt Hasselbeck stood out to be the prominent help in the Titans’ overall effort for the win.
It was another bad for the Texans as far as their problems at the quarterback position are concerned. Their rookie quarterback Taylor Jonathan (T.J.) Yates went out of the field after a half play and did not show up until very last minute.
His place was taken by the veteran quarterback Jake Delhomme who has earlier been playing as the Yates back-up at the number two position.
The Texans however did not confirm if Yates was sent out of the field due to a injury and what were chances for his return to the side.
If Yates is out on the sideline due to an injury he will become Texans third quarterback to be out nursing an injury. Their two star quarterbacks Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart have already been ruled out for foot and collarbone injuries, respectively.
Having played all 16 games in the current regular season of the National Football League (NFL) the Texans have finished at the score of 10-6 on the overall league’s standings. The Weekend loss has not stopped them from going into the second round of the
They have already won the AFC south and qualified for the playoff. It was for the first time in their franchise history that the Texans have made into playoff and won a divisional title.
The Titans meanwhile with the win over the Texans have kept alive their hopes for a wild card spot into the playoff. With the win the team has now looked at the overall wild card scenario before being confirmed into the postseason.
It seems that Mike Munchak’s tale of Green Bay Packers to inspire his team worked out well into their must win over the Texans.
Munchak while backing his side for the weekend win game them of the Packers example who had been in a similar situation a year ago and managed to not avail the faint opportunity of making into play but went on to win the Super Bowl crown. He was pleased
by his team performance.
"I was proud of the guys for bouncing back the last two weeks and putting ourselves in the position to reach the playoffs," Munchak said.
The coach at his pre-game meeting had asked his side to forget about the wild card scenario and remain focused on the task on their hand that was to win their weekend game. The advice was spot on and worked out for them.



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