Lions WR Calvin Johnson misses Thursday practice - NFL News

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Lions WR Calvin Johnson misses Thursday practice - NFL News
Detroit Lions had some bad news for fans after practice on Thursday with wide receiver Calvin Johnson missing the training session for the second straight day with an Achilles injury as the Lions prepared for the final game of the regular season against
Green Bay Packers on Sunday.
Johnson has been a major contributor in the Lions run to the playoffs and is quarterback’s Matthew Stafford’s favourite target for the pass. Johnson talked with the
Detroit Free Press on Wednesday about missing practice.
“I had some things bothering me at the end of the game there, so just trying to be as fresh as possible going into the game,"
The Detroit Lions have qualified for the playoffs for the first time in twelve years with Coach Jim Schwartz creating a well knit and physical unit out of a team that were the perennial punching bags of the National Football League.
Calvin Johnson’s form this season has been tremendous. The wide receiver is first in the National Football League rankings for scoring receiving touchdowns with 15. Johnson also is second in the league in yards covered with 1,437.
Johnson’s form combined with quarterback Matthew Stafford’s eye for a pass has become one of the most deadly pairing in the league this season with teams putting around four defensemen to cover Johnson’s runs but this has left the other receivers in the
Lions roster unmarked allowing the Lions to win games with ease.
With Detroit qualifying for the playoffs and nothing left in the regular season to gain Coach Jim Schwartz will most probably rest his star wide receiver against the Packers.
The Lions are currently 10-5 in the league and have seen off competition from the Chicago Bears to qualify for the postseason. Facing division rivals Green Bay Packers in the final game of the season Coach Schwartz will be smart to rest his star players
and prepare for the post season.
The Lions last faced Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving Day losing 27-15 in a bad tempered encounter. Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was ejected for stomping on Packers Guard Evan Dietrich Smith during the game and the Lions lost all sense of composure
with the Packers easily sealing the victory.



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