Miami Heat super stars D-Wade and LeBron honour Panthers QB Newton with Superman celebration - NFL News

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Miami Heat super stars D-Wade and LeBron honour Panthers QB Newton with Superman celebration - NFL News
National Football League fans are not the only ones impressed with Cam Newton and his amazing rookie season this year. High profile basketball stars and Miami Heat players LeBron James and Dwayne Wade paid homage to the Carolina Panthers quarterback celebrating
the game winning basket with Newton’s signature “Super Man” celebration.
The quarterback who is an avid fan of the Charlotte Bobcats was in the arena to watch the game taking a front row seat. Wade scored the game winning points just a few seconds from the end of regular time after a thriller and celebrated by looking at Newton
and doing his signature Super Man pose.
LeBron James who was standing just to the right of Wade did an imitation of ripping off his shirt ala Super Man. Newton was laughing at the celebration and looked impressed with the celebration.
Wade after the game said
"That was a show of respect to him," Wade said, according to The Charlotte Observer. "Not showing nobody up."
Wade also added that Newton is one of the best in the game currently and he is impressed with what he has seen of the quarterback on the field.
"First of all, the guy is huge," Wade said of Newton. "... I've seen him play a lot. He's entertaining. He had one of the best rookie years of any player to ever play the game."
The Bobcats played well going toe-to-toe with the star studded Miami Heat line up and had a chance to win the game but in the end the Heat’s skill on the ball shown. Dwayne Wade scored the final points with just 2.9 seconds to go crushing the Bobcat’s hopes
of a famous victory.
Newton an avid Bobcat fan has been following the games regularly and has been ever present in the stands during the Bobcats home games.
The quarterback maybe following the NBA team with regularity but National Football League fans have been following the rookie with relish as he lit up the NFL in his first season.
Newton had recently broken Peyton Manning’s rookie record for the most passing yards covered in a season while creating 20 passing touchdowns. This is not all with the young super star also breaking the record for most rushing touchdowns in a season with
14 while also being voted the first alternate for this year’s Pro-Bowl National Football Conference team.
Newton and the Carolina Panthers will face the New Orleans Saints in the final game of the regular season on Sunday. 



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