Houston Texans 24-10 win versus Tennessee Titans confirm their playoff berth – NFL Recap

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Houston Texans 24-10 win versus Tennessee Titans confirm their playoff berth – NFL Recap
The Houston Texans have confirmed their second straight playoff berth by convincingly beating the hosts Tennessee Titans 24-10 in a total American Football Conference (AFC) South showdown on Sunday December 02.
It appeared that the Texans were well in control of the game throughout and dictated their terms to the hosts who for the first under new offensive coordinator Tom Moore struggled as much as they did before in previous games.
The Texans with the win are the only unbeaten side on road games in the league. They have set record of six straight wins and along with Atlanta Falcons have the highest stretch of wins in a season.
With 11-1 points on the National Football League (NFL), the Texans have made the playoffs for second straight seasons, and overall coach Gary Kubiak is pleased about the team’s sense of maturity and skilfulness.
He said:
"We're very happy, I can tell you that. But I think they expected to get there, and they got there today. There's a lot more to work on. We've got to continue to push our group."
It is also a big opportunity for Matt Schaub, who due to absence from the side because of injury scare last season, has led the team to playoffs for the first time in his pro career.
The offence leader said:
"It's good to know we're in. It's a great feeling to know that we've reached that goal, but we've got a lot more to accomplish."
On the other hand, the Titans were very generous once again in allowing maximum turnovers. Quarterback Jake Locker was sacked six times and the Texans created half a dozen turnover opportunities and converted them to much needed points.
While ruing so much indiscipline on the field, Titans coach Mike Munchak said:
"I guess that's why we're 4-8. We can't make enough plays to win when we have an opportunity."
A particular point to mention with regard to the Titans’ poor performance is that the Texans defensive line was depleted due to a higher number of injury scares. Almost all their veteran linebackers and defensemen at other positions are on the sideline,
and coach Munchak’s disappointment remarks about the Titans justify his concerns.
The loss has certainly let the playoff opportunity out of reach for the Titans now, as the Texans with almost hundred percent record are confirmed side in the second round, and Colts are just behind them with 8-4 points. They are now clearer contenders for
the playoffs with or without wildcard.
Also, the Texans still have four more games to go and even if they lose those, it will not affect their standing or have a positive impact for the Titans.



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