Holtby expresses desire to move to the Premier League

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The Germany international is wanted by English giants’ Liverpool next season when his current deal runs out, but the Schalke starlet is interested in a transfer to Everton
Schalke playmaker might be his possible destination. The Germany Under-21 skipper
is a fan of the English League and wants to ply his trade in in the near future.
The young prodigy had the option of playing for either England or Germany, and his contract with Schalke is set to expire. As a result, top European clubs are ready to offer him a huge contract and have been speculated
to express their interest in the midfielder.
Nevertheless, the youngster could move to city rivals Everton, as he likes has also followed in his footsteps. He claimed that nothing is decided yet, as he
loves Everton and is a huge fan of the game-play and the quality of players at Emirates Stadium.
"We will see when it happens. Everton are close to my heart and I always loved watching ­Arsenal because of their style of play and some of the players they've had," he was quoted as saying in an interview.
The former Alemannia Aachen player’s deal will run out in the next summer, and if he chooses to move elsewhere, a number of sides will be ready to sign the creative midfielder.
The attacker was nurtured in, but has been an England faithful due to his father.

"I was brought up in Germany, but I always ­supported England because of my dad,” he added.

"Nobody from the English FA got in contact and it was probably too late ­anyway. Once I played for Germany Under-18s, that was probably it – I would have felt a traitor changing shirts," he finally concluded.
Holtby stated that he could have played for the England national team, if he had been contacted by FA before he represented Germany’s



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