QB Andrew Luck salvages Indianapolis Colts from earlier deficit to beat Tennessee Titans – NFL Recap

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QB Andrew Luck salvages Indianapolis Colts from earlier deficit to beat Tennessee Titans – NFL Recap
Rookie quarterback Andrew Luck was again saviour of the Indianapolis Colts who at half-time had conceded a hug lead to hosts the Tennessee Titans to recover later and defeat the opponents 27-23 on Sunday (Dec. 09).
Luck teamed up with kicker Adam Vinatieri to recover 13-point deficit of the first half, when the Titans appeared to take away the game conveniently, and then added another 14 to take the final score at 27 as the time ran out.
The quarterback in postgame remarks said they just played their natural game, without being much worried about the numbers on board and the momentum finally paid them off.
Rookie said:
"Everybody on the team - offensively, defensively, special teams - just plays football. They're not worried about the scoreboard too much, not worried about what's going on. They're aware of the situations, and we just go out there and play football to the
best of our abilities. It's just not over thinking all the situations."
This is yet again that Luck led the Colts to an impossible victory, and his unique ability has baffled some of strongest unit they have played against.
It was again a poor performance by the Titans coupled with fumbles and interceptions. Overall, they managed well to take the 13-point lead in the first half but then again it was below-the-mark showdown in the game.
Coach Mike Munchak said:
"We were in no huddle and we gave him the code work for a sneak because originally when he went down, it didn't appear that he had the first down. Obviously, when they marked it, he already had the play and he just ran it."
It is pertinent to mention that this is third straight defeat that the Colts have inflicted on the Titans. They first beat them last season when the Titans were surely on the course to playoffs. It was the first win of the season for Colts. Now they have
done the same to them twice this season, with the Titans learning nothing much from their mistakes.
The win has made the playoff opportunity easier for the Colts now. They with the record of 9-4 need just one more victory to be through to the playoffs. Their rivals the Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars are nowhere closer to even a wildcard opportunity
to claim a berth in the playoffs this season.
It is not just the Colts’ win, but losses by the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers that have helped their chances to be through to the playoffs without much competition and difficulties.
If Colts qualify for the playoffs, it will be a remarkable achievement, given they finished a season earlier at the worst note of 2-14 and are the youngest side in the league this season.



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