Oakland Raiders set to break penalty record – NFL News

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Oakland Raiders set to break penalty record – NFL News
As if the problems with the injuries that plague the Oakland Raiders weren’t enough, there seems to be a consistent track of forfeiting penalties that besets them again and again in every game and for season after seasons.
Coach Hue Jackson seemed determined to root out the problem but he is nowhere near, in fact he doesn’t even know the answer to their woes.
"I don't have the answer, obviously," Jackson said. "I talk to the team about it all the time. I don't just talk. I yell, I scream, I threaten. I've done everything. I get a bunch of letters of people telling me other things I
should try, too. And please don't send any new ones because those things don't work."
The coach has tried one trick after another and as he says it he yelled, screamed and threatened but nothing seems to address the problem which now is headed for breaking the record currently held by the Kansas City Chiefs.
Faced with a must win situation if they desire to reach the playoffs, the Raiders need to think of something quick to avoid penalties when they face the San Diego Chargers this Sunday. The Chargers are nowhere near to an easy target
and the Raiders will sure be unable to get away with forfeiting penalties. A win is not all what they need. They would need to draw in a lot of help from other teams to make it to the playoffs. So with their key running back Darren McFadden fallen prey to
injury and another important player Jacoby Ford uncertain, the least the Raiders can do is come free of penalties.
The Raiders have forfeited the most penalties on their defensive line; the number which stands at 78. On the offense too, the situation is not any better with 58 penalties having been sustained. Of the players, the worst hit has
been Cornerback Stanford Routt with 16 penalties followed by Offensive linemen Khalif Barnes and Jared Veldheer.
Quarterback Carson Palmer could not come up with a reasonable explanation to explain the situation.
“I wish we knew what it was. It's not a bunch of false starts. It's not just holdings. It's kind of all over the place.” Palmer said.
Just four more penalties by the Raiders for a mere 11 yards will make them break the record for giving away the most number of penalties now held by the Chiefs. And if they manage a win along with breaking the record, it won’t
come out as a surprise as they have been scoring victores despite penalties in the past.



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