Andrea Stramaccioni not happy with the mistakes made

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The head coach of the San Sir outfit has called on his men to bring more focus to their game and not indulge in giving away frivolous attempts on goal to opposition.
While commenting on the match that the Nerazzurri outfit played during the weekend, Inter Milan boss has gone on to give his justifications on fielding certain players in certain positions. He further went on to criticise his team for making silly mistakes
along the way, which could hurt them further down the line.
The Nerazzurri outfit were playing against Catania on Sunday evening and during the match against the Elefanti, Strama had made a few tactical changes in the game. While the Serie A is generally considered to be a defensive league, the former head coach
of the Primavera team at in attack, three proven goal scorers in the Italian Championships, and Strama certainly let
his intentions clear for the match.
However, he also lined up Joel Obi against the Elefanti’s player,ómez-c4416, and Strama gave his logic to the move. He went on to state that his reason for filling Obi in the left place was a tactical one so that he could move around the flank with
more ease. He went on to state:
“I put Obi on the left to control Gomez, as I noticed he tends to suffer when faced with left-footed players who can stop him more easily as he tries to cut in on his stronger foot.”
There was a penalty claim made by Gomez when he was tripped in the penalty box by Fredy Guarin, and that tackle did not please Stramaccioni one bit. He lamented the drop in concentration levels of the Inter players, and remarked:
“I got very angry, because we allowed Catania to counter-attack far too easily. It was a terrible mistake and could’ve allowed Catania an equaliser, which at the time they did not deserve.”
The Elefanti are riding high in the Serie A and it was an important victory for the Nerazzurri outfit.



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