Oakland Raiders’ Darren McFadden maybe available for playoffs – NFL News

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Oakland Raiders’ Darren McFadden maybe available for playoffs – NFL News
The news out is that the Oakland Raiders may finally have their key running back Darren McFadden available for games if they make it to the playoffs, though it is now certain that he will miss the game against the San Diego Chargers this Sunday.
It has been a tough time for the Oakland Raiders all along. They have had a bad time forfeiting penalties all through the season and then as if that wasn’t enough they have been faced with multiple injuries to their key players all along. One such player
was McFadden.
Darren McFadden sustained a Lisfranc mid-foot sprain on Oct. 23 while playing against the Kansas City Chiefs. The incident occurred in the first quarter of the game. Ever since then a lot has been said, written and speculated on his return to the team.
Much hope was pinned on his return when earlier on in the previous week he was seen jogging on the practice field. That had brought a smile to the face of Coach Hue Jackson who was optimistic of an early return to the field by McFadden. Jackson later stated
that McFadden’s injury did not need a surgery, although that didn’t help speed up his return to the field in any way. McFadden has been missing games since week 7. And Jackson is cautious in handling his key player. There is no way he is going to bring him
forward unless his player fully recovers. He sure looks confident that McFadden would be back in the team soon though he has still not given a time table for his return. However, now it is expected that McFadden will be available by the time the Raiders make
it to the playoffs.
The Raiders have been faced with a declining rushing offence in the absence of McFadden. The Raiders NFL ranking has indeed fallen in recent weeks. The Raiders early on fell to a 7-7 decline from a fantastic start of 7-4. And they have just recently managed
to pull out of three straight losses.
Michael Bush has been pretty consistent standing up to the occasion. However, the gap could not be well filled in. In fact Bush has now started feeling the heat as a result of too much pressure on him. He has recently came out of a shoulder injury that continues
to nag him but Bush has done well by managing not to miss any game due to the injury.
McFadden now has ten days more to recover in case he wants to play in the playoffs.



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