Steve Stricker takes the second round lead at Memorial Tournament with a 67

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Steve Stricker takes the second round lead at Memorial Tournament with a 67
Steve Stricker smashed a score of 5-under-par, 67 on Friday to take the lead in the second round of the $6.2-million Memorial Tournament, presented by Nationwide Insurance, which is taking place at the par-72 Muirfield Village
Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio.
The 44-year-old Stricker teed-off from the back, but could not shoot straight into a leader’s shoes. He faced problems with putting in the closing holes, as he dropped two shots towards the end of the back nine. As a result, the
player ended up short of the under-par group with a score of 1-over par.
The start was misleading though, as the Wisconsin-native set the rest of the course on fire with his long game. He stepped on the first tee at the front and smashed a tee shot that crossed half the fairway and landed few inches
away from the fairway bunker. The nine-time winner on the PGA circuit aimed the second shot onto the green and managed to hit it in regulation. The crowd's cheer acknowledged the accurate delivery, and using the motivation earned from the sound of applause,
Stricker rolled the second birdie of the day.
He marched towards the next holes, clawed three more birdies alongside a hole-in-one on the par-3 eight and wrapped it with a score of 6-under-par, 30. The birdie fiesta shot the veteran straight into lead and maximized his chances
on the bid to lift the trophy alongside 500 FedEx points.
When asked to comment on the sudden attack of birdies on the Muirfield Village Golf Club, the 44-year-old said, “I don't know. No, I don't know. Somebody told me yesterday I've never had a top 10 here, so I don't know why that
is, whether I'm just feeling more comfortable playing this course or -- I don't know. Good question. No, my name would not be on that list. I made the turn 1-over for the round and shot 30 on the second nine, so got things going in the right direction.”
Stricker has made a good start, but whether he maintains the same form throughout the tournament is a question he would need to answer.



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