Greyhound Racing, trainer tips for Champion dog

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Greyhound Racing, trainer tips for Champion dog

Training a Greyhound can be a very challenging task but it is also one of the most rewarding thing to do if you are up to the challenge. There are various factors that need to be kept in mind when dealing with greyhounds since they are probably the most unique breed of dogs.
Greyhounds are well known for their speed, all around the globe. These dogs can run fast, and reach a speed as high as 45 km/hour. It is the nature of these dogs that is built upon from early ages and only a few hundred make it to professional racing from thousands of greyhound puppies.
The greyhounds are taught to play games and chase after things at a very young age, which in the future, becomes a base for their learning. A special ability of Greyhounds is their natural instinct to chase things such as rabbits, or, cats.
Although greyhounds are not vicious in nature, they can be trained to become vicious.
Unlike other dogs that chase by following a scent or sound, greyhounds chase using their sight which makes them more effective on the racing track.
When they eventually grow up and are ready to actually step on to the race track to test their abilities, they are set loose to chase a lure, usually an artificial hare on a stick moving in front of the greyhounds at high speeds.
Due to the moving of the lure, the dogs chase it through instinct, embedded in them through prior training.
The official training process of a greyhound usually begins after an age of 12 to 14 months, when they are mentally old enough to handle race conditions.
From the trainers teaching them how to exit from a starting box, to chasing the artificial hare, everything takes time and eventually prepares the dog for participation in professional races.
Having an experienced trainer nearby, unless the people training are themselves trainers, is the best way to go since greyhounds have to be trained with respect to a proper technique.
They only require exercise twice a day to maintain stamina. Secondly, the dogs need time and space to practice. This also gets them in the habit of running because greyhounds naturally are famous for two things, running and sleeping.
Due to their thin coats, greyhounds must be protected from the cold in winters through proper means since they do not naturally carry fur. Most trainers usually use coats in this respect to save the greyhounds from getting sick and unable to race.
One extremely important aspect of training greyhounds is to abuse them, but they do not respond well to such actions at all.
These dogs like any other breed do not like to be abused, beaten, or, hit, and hence, such actions will cause problems between the trainer and dog, later on. In other words, physically abusing greyhounds is totally wrong.
Greyhounds are one of the smartest breeds of dogs in the world and actually have fun with their owners. Their attachment with their owners will push them further in winning races, which is a way to generate profound winnings, as they strive to become champions.



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