Lotus Renault driver Vitaly Petrov confident about upcoming Canadian Grand Prix – Formula 1 news

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Lotus Renault driver Vitaly Petrov confident about upcoming Canadian Grand Prix – Formula 1 news
Lotus Renault GP driver Vitaly Petrov, who was involved in an accident at the recently held Monaco Grand Prix, has said that he is now confident and comfortable about the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix as he is now feeling much better.
Vitaly stated that he had a pretty good race in Monaco up until the accident keeping in mind his qualifying position. He claims that he could have even finished in 3rd or 4th place as his pace was decent throughout the race.
Other than that, he claims that he managed to save the tyres as well which could have been used at their best for later on in the race. The race did not turn out as the team planned in the end as Nick Heidfeld managed to score just 4 points.
Nevertheless, Petrov is hoping for much better results at the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix which is scheduled to take place in a week’s time.
“We must get to the finish line and score some good points because we know we can do it. We are well aware that our car is very quick so we need to minimise our mistakes and the results will come,” said the young Russian.
Other than that, he added that Pirelli has been quite unpredictable and different as compared to last year’s Bridgestone as a result of which, the team will have to evaluate them and think of the best possible strategy for the upcoming race.
“The track does have long straights, which will offer us a chance to show our quick straight line speed, but there are also slow corners so it will be important to brake well to help preserve the tyres – it's a real balancing act here in Montreal,” he said.
Furthermore, the Renault driver believes that it is hard to predict anything about the upcoming race though as the Pirelli tyres have a different degradation rate at each circuit. He said due to the variable tyre degradation rate, racing is becoming quite
entertaining and dramatic for the spectators.



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