Steve Stricker wins Memorial Tournament, grabs world number four spot

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Steve Stricker wins Memorial Tournament, grabs world number four spot
Steve Stricker smashed a score of 4-under par 68 in the final round of Memorial Tournament to lift the tenth career trophy on the Professional Golf Association Tour. The 44-year-old pro has moved to number the fourth spot on the Official World Golf Rankings
(OWGR) with this win.
The Wisconsin native stepped onto the par-72 Muirfield Village Golf Club situated in Ohio to take the charge of the field. He chose to tee-off from the front, as the greens were comparatively less hard there, and set it on fire. He birdied the two opening
holes and defined his agenda for rest of the day. After clamping another birdie with a gap of one green, the veteran approached the closing holes at the front and birdied them with utmost accuracy. The birdie fiesta led the American to the top of the leader
board and helped him retain the edge.
Stepping onto the back nine, the veteran tried to attack the pin at several holes, but could not relish success, as strong winds turned their back on him. After leaving the first four holes at par, the player had to return to the clubhouse to take a shelter
from the rain. After a gap of two hours and 34 minutes, the veteran returned to resume the play, but could not add to his early accomplishments, and instead, bogeyed two holes.
Despite dropping two shots on an extremely crucial time, the veteran managed to sign for a score in 60’s for the fourth time in the tournament. The sheer hard work paid off  and Stricker banked on the $1.116 million worth of winner’s prize and 500 FedEx
Cup points. The earnings pushed Stricker to the fourth spot in the Official World Golf Rankings.
The winner walked towards the winner’s podium and said, “It was a little bit of a struggle after the rain delay. At that point, I was just trying not to make a mistake. I had a couple of chances early that would have taken the pressure off. And I made a
couple of clutch putts at the end . . . the win is pretty special.”



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