Atlanta Braves defeat New York Mets 6-3 – MLB Update

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Atlanta Braves defeat New York Mets 6-3 – MLB Update
The Atlanta Braves put in a good performance to defeat the New York Mets 6-3 at Citi Field, New York on Friday, June 3.
Eric Hinske hit a tiebreaking home-run in one of the difficult situations in the ninth inning to turn a close game into remarkable a victory. Hinske was dispatched to bat when Jordan Schafer was headed to hospital after being stuck on face by a furiously
thrown ball.
"I was thinking I was going to try to ambush him," Hinske said. "I took a chance on a first-pitch fastball and got ready early."
As Schafer was to undergo a CT scan, the Mets needed a complete overhaul after what the team has undergone, as the team have failed to put up a challenge to the rivals owing to incomprehensible reasons. New York’s offence is letting the team down, as they
are unable to compete against other teams on equal footing.
Joe Mather provided an ideal start to the team when Friday’s game kicked off. Jonathon Niese of the Mets threw a scoreless inning only to be followed by three hits in the second inning, one of which resulted in Mather’s single and the 1-0 lead to Atlanta.
Mets responded with a three-run fourth inning which came after Derek Lowe floundered a bit and gave up four hits. Carlos Beltran, Daniel Murphy and Angel Pagan scored a single each to take up the lead to 3-1.
Niese then had a complete grip on the game, as he curbed the Braves’ hitters with a degree of success. However, Alex Gonzalez hit a brilliant two-run homer in the eighth inning to level the score 3-3.
The ninth inning proved to be a catalyst for the Braves’ Hinske who as a pinch hitter struck a magical hit, earning a two-run homer to not only score the tiebreaking run but take the lead. Freddie Freeman scored a single to make it 6-3.
The game-changing ninth inning was then turned into victory by Craig Kimbrel of the Braves, as he allowed only one hit, pitched a shut-out inning and gave the Braves a fascinating 6-3 win.
It will be interesting to see how Atlanta carries their winning momentum forward in to their next game. The Mets put in a decent performance, but their offence was lacking, unable to produce a positive result for the team.



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