Tournament of Champions: Robert Garrigus takes second round lead

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Tournament of Champions: Robert Garrigus takes second round lead
Robert Garrigus smashed a scorecard of 14-under-par in the second round of Hyundai Tournament of Champions to take the charge over 33 punters.
The 33-year-old bypassed the two early leaders, Jonathan Byrd and Carl Pettersson to fabricate the lowest score of the day. He teed from the front and fired four back-to-back birdies to produce four-under without a loss.
However, it was not until the back nine when the veteran proved that there was more to it. The punter smacked a 10-feet long birdie on the opening hole and with a gap of one green, fired another. Accompanied by his caddie, Garrigus walked towards the par-4
16th tee and hit a powerful drive. The ball plunged a distance of 286 yards and hit green in regulation. Without much effort, the American wedged a 66-yard long eagle from the base of the green and earned himself two points. Two more birdies on
the closing holes shot him up to the top of the leaderboard.
The winner of 2010 Disney Classic could not help smiling and walked towards the clubhouse with one-stroke lead. While speaking to the press, he said, “It feels great. Leading a tournament after two days really does not mean much, but it would be nice if
I could finish it off this weekend. My wedge game is exactly where I want it to be. I worked very hard at my wedge game, and today I had four wedges that actually hit the hole. It was a lot of fun. I love Maui. It feels great to be in this position.”
Meanwhile, Byrd (68) and Pettersson (67) failed to replicate their first round performances. The duo scored 66 in the first round, which was the lowest score of the day, but on Friday, they were nowhere near.
The Swede started with a birdie and holed a magnificent eagle on the par 5, fifth. However, on his way to the ninth green, the player tripped while swinging the club and missed the birdie putt. He countered it with the help of four birdies on the back and
settled at the second spot.
The leaderboard saw a change with the end of the second round. Stay tuned to find out more.



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