Lotus Renault GP driver Nick Heidfeld hoping for better show at Canadian Grand Prix – Formula 1 news

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Lotus Renault GP driver Nick Heidfeld hoping for better show at Canadian Grand Prix – Formula 1 news
Lotus Renault GP driver Nick Heidfeld has said that the team is hoping to use the data they gathered at this past weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix in order to enhance their car and hopefully score some more points at the Canadian Grand Prix.
Heidfeld claims that the team is focusing on its qualifying pace mainly in order to take some advantage with them to the race. He stated that the team is aiming to maximize its car’s pace as much as they can since venues like Monte Carlo and some others
do not allow a driver to take the advantage during the races as compared to the qualifying sessions.
“Canada is not as unique as Monaco but it does still stand out in its own way. It has slow chicanes and fast straights, so it is going to be a different kind of drive than the last race. We tend to have fast straight line speed which should help us,” said
Since the Renault driver has been on podium at the Canadian Grand Prix before, he is looking forward to score another podium there as it is a very special place for him.
Heidfeld is currently in 6th place in the 2011 drivers’ standings as a result of which, the German claims that he tries to push as hard as he can in order to improve his performance with each race.
“This is what I targeted two races ago so it is nice having achieved this short term goal. I'm now ahead of Nico (Rosberg) and Felipe (Massa), so it is a motivation for me to keep striving to do well and scoring points to stay ahead,” said the Renault driver.
Other than that, he stated that Montreal is a big city and it is one of the only venues in the Formula 1 calendar where the city “lives and breathes the sport for a whole week.”



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