Resistance 3 demo and Beyond Good & Evil HD headed for the PlayStation Network

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Resistance 3 demo and Beyond Good & Evil HD headed for the PlayStation Network
With the PlayStation Store back up and running, things are somewhat back to normal as publishers are announcing various titles for release on the PlayStation Store over the coming weeks.
Blasting its way on to the PlayStation Store on the 8th of June is the High Definition remake of the cult classic Beyond Good and Evil.
The title is available for all PlayStation Plus members and can be availed by those who have the 30 day subscription as part of the ‘Welcome Back’ offer.
Sony have confirmed that the critically acclaimed platformer will be available from the 8th of June up till the 22nd of June and though no price point was mentioned the Official PlayStation blog did list that Beyond Good & Evil HD would have a 20% discount.
The title was due out last month yet the recent security breaches at Sony and the resulting shut down of the PlayStation Network mean that the release had to be delayed. The title however did launch as planned on the Xbox 360 when it became available for download via the Xbox Live Marketplace last month.
Meanwhile PlayStation Network users in the United Kingdom will be getting access to the Resistance 3 demo when they purchase a Blu-ray copy of the Hollywood box office hit, Battle: Los Angeles. The film will come packed with a code that will allow players to access the Resistance 3 demo on the 11th of July.
Another way players can get a bit of Resistance 3 action in before the game’s official release is if they sign up for its multiplayer beta. This can be done in two ways, either by purchasing a copy of Zipper Interactive’s, SOCOM 4 or by simply signing up for it via the PlayStation Plus.
The third instalment in the highly rated series exclusive to PlayStation 3 consoles, will see the protagonist from previous titles, Nathan Hale, replaced by the Joseph Capelli.
Capelli was the last surviving member of Hale’s squad that managed to bring down the Chimera ship at the end of Resistance 2 before putting a bullet through Hale’s head to stop him from turning into one of the hybrids.
The demo is set to let players play one of the stages from the single player campaign which takes place along the Mississippi River. The level was already shown in the game’s gameplay trailer and will see Capelli partnered by Dr. Malikov as the pair make their way through the Chimera infested marshland.
Resistance 3 is set for a September release date and will be hoping to get a head start in terms of sales before the hectic Christmas period.



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