Manchester City’s chairman delighted with Mancini

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Manchester City’s Chairman, Mubarak has gone on to admit that he is delighted with the way Mancini handled things at the club and hopes to see the manager do the same in the future.
In April, City were being counted down and out, with the team being eight points behind Manchester United and with such a huge point difference between the two teams, it seemed close to impossible for City to catch up with the team.
However, City went on to do the impossible and ended up destroying that eight point difference between the two teams, as they went on to win the league after being level on points with United and beating them on goal difference.
Mubarak, when talking about and just how happy he is with the Italian manager’s performances went on to add: "We had two choices"
“We could either raise the white flag and sulk or pick ourselves up and fight until the last second of this championship.”

"I had a conversation with Roberto. We both looked at each other and decided to take the pressure off everyone.”

"What Roberto did magnificently was to take the pressure off the entire team."Roberto is a winner, he is a very strong character, who wants to win more than anyone I have ever seen. He is so driven and has an incredible amount of energy."
He then went on to talk about the club’s spending, as he admitted the team had a strong base and would now have to build on that, in order to try and get the best out of them.

"We are not starting from the same point as in other pre-seasons.”

"We have had to improve in a very dramatic manner. Now we have a nucleus. To improve further we have to harness that nucleus."  
City have proven just how lethal they can be once they get their cards right, but they really need to go on and maintain the form that they displayed this season, as they come back even stronger next time around.
At the same time, the team must now focus on trying to go far in the Champions League, given their poor run in Europe this time around.



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