Manchester City’s Roberto Mancini wary of a hungry Stoke City – FA Cup

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Manchester City’s Roberto Mancini wary of a hungry Stoke City – FA Cup
Manchester City manager, Roberto Mancini, has warned his players that they should expect no favours from Stoke when the two teams face each other in the final of the FA Cup. City are overwhelming favourites to lift the FA Cup title on Saturday, but Mancini
believes that his team will not find it as easy as everyone seems to think it will be.
The Sky Blues are reaching higher heights with each passing season thanks to the seemingly unending financial resources available to them. City have used their newfound money to buy a glut of world-class players. The Sky Blues now have one
squads in the entire league. Manchester City’s substitute bench alone cost more to assemble than the entire Stoke City starting eleven.
But while they continue to get closer with each year that goes by, City have still not won a single trophy since Sheikh Mansour took over. Saturday’s FA Cup final represents their first real shot of ending that drought.
Few are giving Stoke City a chance of defeating their big-spending opponents on Saturday. However, Sky Blues manager Mancini believes that is ‘a mistake’. Mancini saw his side overcome Manchester United in a hard-fought semi-final to book their place
in the FA Cup final at Wembley, but he claims that the match against Stoke City will be a much more difficult test.
Speaking ahead of the contest, the Italian said, “Saturday (FA Cup final against Stoke City) will be harder than (the semi-final against Manchester) United. Stoke are a strong team and a very difficult team. If we want to win we need to play very well. We
should pay attention in every situation. We cannot concede anything. To think Stoke are an easy team would be a mistake."
Manchester City recently ensured their place in next season’s Champions League, and believes that his side can capitalize on that momentum by winning the FA Cup title.
The final of the FA Cup will be held at Wembley on Saturday, the 14th of May.



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