Mancini delighted by City’s performance against Porto

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Manchester City manager is highly delighted by the way his side faced off against Porto in the Europa League and expects the team to continue playing in the same manner.
City took on last season’s Europa League champions, as they looked to try and make it to the next round of the tournament.
The game saw City concede a goal in the first half, as and steered a finish into the back of the net.
However, an own goal from Aguero with a through ball, which required the forward to simply tap the
ball into the back of the net.
Mancini was delighted with the way his side managed to turn the game around and how they dominate the run of play in the game.
The City manager when talking about the game is quoted to have said: "I think that we played a good game”
“We played very well. Also in the first half we had three or four chances to score. We were really unlucky, but in the second half we played very well.”
The Italian then hailed Porto and admitted the team was one of the best out there and that is why it was all the more important for the team to pick up a win in the game.
"No, only to play as we know. Second half maybe we stayed higher and played better, but we had seven or eight chances to score in this game. We didn't leave any chances to Porto. I think this is important because Porto is a top team."
Despite the game displaying some brilliant moments and plays, it was lined by its fair share controversy as well.
Following the game, there were a number of reports that started to surface, which indicated being racially abused on a number of occasions during the game.
When asked about this, Mancini admitted that he had not heard anything himself, which is why he couldn’t comment on the situation.
"I didn't hear any, sorry. I didn't hear."
City are now going to go into their second leg with Porto with a one goal advantage and with an away goal to their name.
The way it stands, the Manchester based team is set to make it into the next round of the tournament, unless something goes drastically wrong at the Etihad Stadium.



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