Ricky Berens grabs Men’s 100m freestyle gold: Day four – 2012 NC Charlotte UltraSwim

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Ricky Berens grabs Men’s 100m freestyle gold: Day four – 2012 NC Charlotte UltraSwim
Ricky Berens of Trojan Swim Club grabbed gold medal of the Men’s 100m freestyle on fourth day of the 2012 NC Charlotte UltraSwim at the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center in Charlotte on Sunday, May 13.
The 24-year-old Berens stunned the aquatic crowd with his dazzling performance in the 100m discipline as he occupied gold medal of the event.
Berens remained almost half a second ahead of his strongest challenger and sprinted his way towards the finishing end for the title of the event by touching the wall with the timing of 49.07 seconds.
The gold medallist was followed by Anthony Ervin of California Aquatics, who stayed 0.54 seconds apart and reached the victory stand for silver medal by producing a time of 49.61 seconds..
Third spot of the discipline was secured by Matthew Targett of Australia, who remained 0.04 seconds apart and transpired on the finishing end for bronze medal by producing a time of 49.65 seconds.
Targett was trailed by Scot Robison of New South-NC, who was only 0.01 seconds slower and touched the wall with an effort of 49.66 seconds for fourth position.
Fifth best spot of the race was obtained Davis Tarwater of SwimMAC Carolina, who stayed 0.23 seconds apart and completed his swim in a tiem of 49.89 seconds.
Tarwater remained 0.35 seconds ahead of Tyler McGill of Una NYAC-MR, who proved his eligibility for sixth position of the event by clocking a time of 50.24 seconds.
McGill stayed 0.17 seconds ahead of Eugene Godsoe of SwimMAC Carolina, who transpired on the finishing blockade for seventh position of the event by submitting a time of 50.41 seconds.
Subsequently, the crowd witnessed sluggish effort of Garrett Weber-Gale of Longhorn Aquatic, who failed to upset any of his challengers and finished eighth in the event.
The 26-year-old Weber-Gale stayed 0.25 seconds apart and posted a time of 50.66 seconds for last position.
The crowd acknowledged alluring efforts of all participants in the double lap discipline whereas the position holders received awards and accolades for their ruthless efforts at the prize distribution ceremony of the championship after the session.



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