Roberto Mancini’s Manchester City and Emmanuel Adebayor’s Monaco – A new Transfer Saga (Part 2)

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Roberto Mancini’s Manchester City and Emmanuel Adebayor’s Monaco – a new transfer saga (Part 2)
Nonetheless there are English Premier League clubs that have shown interest for Adbayor, namely Fulham and West Ham United.
However, both clubs are in the bottom part of the table hence the question remains if they can pay for the transfer fees and the salary.
The English clubs will be among the most affected if they do present an offer to acquire the services of Adebayor. The reason is simple, Manchester City is a money loaded club that has gone to all levels in attaining players and agreeing to their whims so
that they can play for them.
This has destroyed the transfer market not just this fall but also during the summers. Their rich owners from Arabia have quite literally allotted with a tap that flows coloured papers so whenever the manager wants to sign a player all he has to
do is place a bid.
Troubles also followed as the saying goes with power comes responsibility. Eastlands has become over crowed with many talented players going to waste. A prime example would be of Paraguayan international
After wasting him for a year he has been assigned back to his former club, Blackburn Santa Cruz was signed in by former manager of Manchester City Mark Hughes, who as a matter of fact had to fight tooth and nail in signing him.
Adebayor is a technical player up front. He can even fit under the definition of a new modern striker, who has the ability to assist and provide clinical finishes to the ball.
He started his career with AS Monaco in the season of 2003-04. Staying till 2005-06 the Togolese international had been present in 100 fixtures and netted the ball 20 times.
From Monaco he moved to Arsenal where French man Arsene Wenger welcomed him with open arms. Despite some injury issues the player had a spectacular career by the end of the 2008-09 season he had capped in 143 matches, scored 62 times and provided 21 assists.
Manchester City bought him in 2009-10. In his first season with them, Adebaoyr helped the club with a couple of important games. As yet he has appeared in 43 matches, scored 19 goals and been part of 3 goals.
The question now is which club will be ready to pick him up. Interest has also been shown by Spanish footballing powerhouse Real Madrid. Their Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho has been looking for a striker like him in the market for some time now.

Initially he had been looking forward to sign the Dutch legend from Hamburg but the availability of a younger striker is bound to interest him.
However, after first looks the question Mourinho will be fiddling with is, if Adebayor is flashy and consistent enough to provide his underperforming team with an edge during the remainder of the season.
A deal with Real Madrid therefore has issues plentiful, making a move to Monaco most likely.



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