Roberto Mancini delighted with Manchester City win over Arsenal

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Roberto Mancini delighted with Manchester City win over Arsenal
Manchester City manager, has gone on to hail his sides performance over Arsenal and believes that the three points that they picked up are going to prove to be crucial in the future.
City were given a very tough fight by the Gunners, but a goal in the second half proved to be all that the team needed to claim the three points.
As a result, the team is now going to be heading into their game against Stoke City on a high and are more than likely to come out on top at the end of the match. Should the team manage to do so, they would enter the new year on top of the Premier League table, a feat which they haven’t achieved since 1929.
When talking about the game, Mancini is quoted to have said:
"We deserved to win this game"
 "We had a lot of chances and Silva scored an important goal. We are on the top again.”
The manager then highlighted the fact that he was grateful that his team managed to beat with a bang.
The manager then went on to admit that the pressure was now on United, who had to prove just what they were made of, in order to try and keep up with the pace that City had been setting.
Nonetheless, Mancini then went on to reveal that Arsenal could still potentially win the Premier League, given the spirit the team was showing and this is despite the fact that the Gunners are currently twelve points behind City in the league.
He said: "It is difficult for them as they are 12 points behind us, 10 points behind United, seven points behind Tottenham but there are a lot of games until the end."
It is now going to be an interesting wait till the end of the season to see just what team ends up winning the Premier League crown and which teams claim the top four spots in the Barclays Premier League.



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