Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler voices concerns over offensive line - NFL News

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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler voices concerns over offensive line - NFL News
Chicago Bears have made some much needed additions to their offensive line in the offseason which had struggled considerably in the final half of the 2011-12 season.
The Bears added some big names during free agency with three-time Pro-Bowl wide receiver, Brandon Marshall and running back, Michael Bush joining the franchise.
These players were not the only ones to arrive at the offence as Chicago Bears also added a number of young talents through the 2012 draft.
Quarterback, Jay Cutler is pleased that the franchise has made improving the offence its main priority but he still believes there is a lot of work still to be done.
According to the Chicago Sun-Times the quarterback in an interview on Monday voiced concerns over the offensive line.
"The offensive line is definitely going to be a concern, seeing where those guys fit in, and seeing what five we go with," 
He continued.
"If Gabe (Carimi) comes back (from knee surgery), if J'Marcus (Webb) pans out, Chris Williams, where are we going to put him at?”
"There are some question marks there. Until we really get that resolved and get our front five settled in, we have some work to do on the offense."
Cutler also went on to praise new offensive coordinator, Mike Tice’s plan for the next season for the offence.
Last season the Bears offence collapsed completely in the final half of the season after Cutler picked up a season ending thumb injury. Things got worse for Chicago just a few games after Cutler’s injury as star running back, Matt Forte also got injured
and was counted out for the rest of the regular season.
With two of their star players out the Bears went on a five-game losing streak and ended the season with a poor 8-8 record as well as missing out on the playoffs.
This year though the franchise has looked to shore up their offensive line and with Cutler having no shortage of weapons to pass to it looks likely that Chicago are gearing up for a big 2012-13 campaign.
Bears fans are feeling the excitement with the addition of star names to their team’s roster and cannot wait for the start of the new season.



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