Zarra Faza overpowers Ulfita Noviani in first round of Jakarta Open 2012

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Zarra Faza overpowers Ulfita Noviani in first round of Jakarta Open 2012

Women’s Singles expert Zarra Faza of Indonesia ensured her presence in second round of Djarum Sirnas Flypower Jakarta Open after beating Ulfita Noviani Rizky in first round on May 16, 2012.
The opening match of both players lasted for 47 minutes and got resolved with final figures of 19-21, 21-14 and 21-11.
Zarra Faza, who is seeded six in this tournament, proved herself technically and tactically superior to her rival in most part of the match and won this tussle despite of a rough start.
On the other hand, the inexperienced shuttler could not show good finishing skills and crashed out of the event.
Ulfita Noviani took off in perfect manner but she remained grounded in final two games of the match.
In first set, she displayed superb fighting spirit and snatched first match point from higher ranked opponent. She matched her opponent’s skills throughout the opening game and did not allow her to establish a notable lead until last moments.
Both girls remained toe-to toe in first half of the set but Zarra managed to reach first at decent total of 11 before 60-second interval.
However, she could not carry same momentum in later part as Ulfita stole the limelight with a nail-biting 21-19 finish.
The following game saw Zarra Faza storming back with a strong reply. This time she did not give her opponent any counter attack opportunity and maintained an upper hand from very first short to last.
In first half of set, she established an unassailable lead with some fruitful nonstop rallies and hit the bench in mid-game break as leading contender.
After the interval, the opposing shuttler Ulfita brought thrill in contest by adding few consecutive points in her total but it was not enough to stop Zarra from bagging second set with 21-14 score on the board.
In third and final set, Zarra completely outclassed her compatriot in all areas of game. She got into commanding position straight away in start and maintained a commendable 10-point advantage until last shot was played.
She sealed 2-1 victory by registering concluding margin of 21-11 and setup a clash with Amalia Meutia Putri in second round.



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