Tomas Vokoun not to join Washington Capitals next season, not retiring -NHL Update

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Tomas Vokoun not to join Washington Capitals next season, not retiring -NHL Update
For veteran goaltender, Tomas Vokoun, Washington Capitals was a chance to show that he is still a dominant force in the defensive department after he struggled to find a gig during the 2011 National Hockey League (NHL) offseason.
According to his agent, Allan Walsh, who announced through social networking website Twitter on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, Vokoun proved that he was better than ever compared to his recent slump and is determined to continue playing in the NHL, but just not
with Washington.
At the age of 35, it is not hard to see that Vokoun is working towards winning a Stanley Cup to put that cherry on top of his 14-plus season long career. But with just 11 appearances in the playoffs throughout his career, there are still many barriers to
cross for the veteran.
Now that Washington Capitals have found a great goalie in Braden Holtby, Vokoun believes that it is time for him to move on to a needier team that could also work towards his goal of hoisting the cup.
Vokoun was having a great season as he played 48 games and won 25, his most since 2009, but due to sudden injuries, the goalie was unable to make an appearance in the postseason, something he definitely wanted to do.
“I wasn’t plan on being back here anyways,” said Vokoun. “For me, it was never intention to be here more than a year. For me, it’s more disappointing about how it went and obviously getting hurt and not having the chance to play in playoffs. That’s what
I regret more than worrying about what’s going to be next year. I was looking at it as a one-year thing and I’m sure that’s how its goanna be.”
“Healthy, it’s important regardless of hockey,” Vokoun added. “But it’s nice to be, obviously, healthy and feel if whatever happens you can play and be effective there and be able to play without pain.”
Tomas Vokoun signed on with Washington Capitals during the offseason for one-year, worth $1.5 million. Obviously, the veteran goalie will be looking for a much bigger deal, which will be interesting to see where the transition is made to.



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