Where do you go after you are married?

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Which yahoo answers category do most of you girls think you will go to after you get married? I read the wedding category a lot, and have asked a few questions, and have gotten such wonderful warm responses. But, after I get married, I might still have questions about my life and would like to know which group on yahoo answers I might find some of you girls. Sometimes I feel like I can ask you girls anything, and I also try to give little tidbits of advice to some of you. I would hate to lose the friendship after I get married. So, what do you girls think? Where will you be writing your questions, and reading and answering questions?




  1. There is a marriage and divorce section on ask your questions on... those that refer to marriage. I love the wedding section :) especially the ones with pictures of rings and dresses. But, whatever your question refers to, ask a question in that section, that is where you will get the most help. Good luck!

  2. you could post ? in the marriage category. I am married and I am responding to questions on here. Hopefully my experiences can help others out!

  3. I'm addicted to Yahoo! Answers too... and I've just gotten engaged... I constantly switch from the Weddings categories to Marriage & Divorce categories alternatively... kinda gives me a heads up on what to expect once married, you know?

    Perhaps you could also go to the Food & Drink? for recipes to cook for your hubby... Pregnancy & Parenting (although I'm not that fond of 14 yr olds posting that they're preggo & what should they do)...

    Basically, anything that interests you!  Good luck & have fun!

  4. I don't know much about marriage but I'm a religious person  so I think you should just pray to God. God will answer you're prayers at the right time and just follow your heart. Hope that helps.

  5. You can still linger in the wedding section and help other people planning their weddings (since you will have been there done that).

    Or you can move to the marriage and divorce section, etc.

    I've often wondered that same thing: where will I go when the wedding is over?

    And I think I will stick around for a bit, help ouot other brides, and then answer questions from other married women in some of the other marriage and family life sections.  

  6. I see a great human being with a bulk of generosity here....

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