Name something you often see the bride and groom doing in a wedding photo.?

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This is a survey. There is not a right or wrong answer. Please answer with the first thing that comes to your mind.




  1. Gazing into each other's eyes.

  2. Kissing

  3. Cutting the cake

  4. Kissing.

    Is this like Family Feud?

  5. Displaying their love for one another...

    You know...that special look in their eye, in their faces, when they look at each other...

    The one that no one else may notice...but the photographer...and that, my dear, is the winning shot of the day and will be displayed on their wall or in their album for years to come!

  6. Kissing!.......did i win something???...... :)

  7. Eating their wedding cake.

  8. kissing

  9. when they toast each other but wrap their arms through the others when they drink. does that make sense? lol. Hopefully it does.

  10. Ooh, this is fun, like Family Feud!!  Um...I'm gonna say...kissing!!!

  11. smiling

  12. Coming down the aisle together as husband and wife (with rice or something being thrown at them lol)

  13. Holding hands, dancing, smiling, being playful, cutting the cake

  14. kissing

    the groom is holding the bride in his arms

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