What color would you call this?

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I like this color for a Wedding! I love this dress but what color would you call this?

Do you think I could get this dress re-made for bridesmaids dresses!

Do you think you can use this color all year round for weddings?




  1. I would call it a light mauve. It would be beautiful year round.  Very pretty

  2. possibly terracotta

  3. Dusty rose.

    Yes take the picture to the store.

    The color is better for a spring wedding.

    But it can work for any season.

  4. Antique Rose or Dusty Rose

    I personally think its more of a Spring color, but if thats what you want who cares....and there are SO many flowers and other things that can go with it really well.

  5. its a dusky rose colour :)

    and yes take the pic into a bridal shop

  6. i think it is a powder pink colour. take the photo along

  7. i think i would call it light mauve, and yeah i thinks it would be great for anytime of the year it would make really pretty bridesmaids dress but only if it is don't right

  8. Mauve.

    Definitely take the picture to the fabric store - it looks like you will need two different kinds of fabric. But first you're going to want to talk to the seamstress who will be making the dresses to see a) if she needs some kind of pattern and b) how much fabric will be required. Then you can go to the fabric store and get exactly what you need.

    And yes, I think gold and black would complement it very well, especially if your bridesmaids wore gold jewelry and shoes.

  9. dusty rose.

    gold would look classy.

  10. I would say thistle or rosy brown personally.  Use the Hex Triplet codes to make sure you are using the correct (universal) name.  (

    What I have done in the past is go to a paint or hardware shop where they have all the colour sample sheets and find a swatch close to your preference.  They are free, fit into your handbag and there is no confusion.  Sometimes what you see on your computer screen and what prints are very different - this avoids that!

  11. It was a very popular shade several years ago. It's called dusty rose.  

  12. it looks like mauve or dirty's a really pretty color!

  13. I would take the picture to the store just incase... but I would call it a shiny pale pink. It is a beautiful color. Good luck!  

  14. light mauve and i love it! i am using that and brown as my wedding colors

  15. Light mauve! It's a beautiful dress and color. Bring the picture to the fabric store with you. You can actually see what colors will rock better with it.

  16. bronzed pink, I don't quite know. It is pretty and depending on the colors you paired with could work for spring, summer, and fall.  

  17. This dress is so pretty!! As well as the color! I wouldn't go with gold, but I am just not a fan of gold. It's going to be difficult to match colors with. I would ask an expert. Congrats and good luck!! Sorry I didn't help much!

  18. either dusty rose or dusty pink.

    Yes I think you could use it all year round.

  19. Love that dress!!!! I'd call it a dustyrose color, and I think it would be fabulous with black and burgandy as an accent color.  Look at the color in the background of that picture.  It looks absolutely wonderful with that dress color.  Picture the room in burgandy and dusty-rose with those dresses for the bridesmaids and black tux's with burgandy roses/flowers. Great color choice!!! Congrats to you both.

  20. I would call it Rose or Dusty Rose. A sage Green would go well with it. Or a yellow. Not to pale of a yellow. Gold would work as well. It would go perfect with a Cream wedding dress but would also work with white. Very Victoria Colours if you know what I mean. I love that dress. You could easy get that made.

    It could work for all seasons. You could get a lighter shade if you wanted it in summer or a darker one for winter.

    A really delicate organza wrap in the same colour would look awesome with that dress :)

    All the best and good luck!

  21. maybe a pearliest light rose???  who knows

    I LOVE THE DRESS THOUGH.  Its a beautiful color and its so stinkin pretty!! :)

  22. that is soooooooooo ugly!!!!! id kill my self if that was my wedding dress!

  23. Its Dusty Pink - i know cause i was also thinking of this colour for my bridesmaids. Its such a lovely colour & looks great next to a white wedding dress.

  24. Dusty pink perhaps.

  25. The color is Dusty Rose...and it's a beautiful shade that can be worn year round.

  26. Blushy gold.  Yes, gold would look AWESOME with it!

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