Going To MEPS this week for NAVY?

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I understand the process of MEPS and how boring it can be.. but once u get to where u speak to a career counselor am i obligated to sign a contract if i dont like the jobs that I see? I understand my Test scores will determine what i qualify for.. but i do have certain interests which is the main reason im joining.. what if i do not like any of the jobs that are available to me??? ...




  1. I've personally never heard of anyone scoring so low that their options were *that* limited, and they couldn't deal with any of the jobs available to them.  If you're really concerned about that possibility, ask your recruiter to help you prepare for the ASVAB.  It's really not hard, and even an average score (50) will give you a lot of options.

    If for some reason your options are extremely limited, you are not obligated to sign a contract.

    However, your ride home with your recruiter, and all of the new DEPpers will probably be less than pleasant.

  2. If you don't like anything you can either walk away or talk to them about getting what you want with the understanding that you won't ship off for a while.

  3. then you check out the other branches of careful the career counselor will make the worst job in the world sound good.they are trained to sign you up.but if you can't get the field you sign up for the contract is no good.then try army ,air force,marines,till you get what you want.good luck and don't settle.

  4. Tell your recruiter and you will leave and have to come back another day.  BUT the Navy Classfier will look at jobs for one year out that are open.  You will be looking at a long wait if you are only open to a few jobs.  Best bet is to go in with an open mind and listen to what the Classifier has to say to you about your choices that are available in the system.  My last job was being a Classifier at MEPS.  We don't play games with you or anything that you may think.  We enter your line scores and the computer returns jobs that are open within the time range we are allowed to look in, meaning one year out only.   If you are qualified for a job and the job is open we tell you that X job is available for X dates.  That means that boot camp and that jobs "A" school lined up and there are seats available for both.  Some jobs have very very few openings all the time so they are always hard to get.  Talk with your recruiter at length about the jobs that interest you BEFORE you go to MEPS.  He can give you the job description cards for all the jobs you think you like and you should read them carefully.  After you read what the Navy says the jobs are all about go talk to the recruiters in the office about what those jobs are REALLY all about and what the job really does on a day to day basis.  After you hear about quality of life issues with some jobs or what the job really does you may not be so excited about it.  Recruiters are there to tell you about the Navy with experience.  Not trusting your recruiter is a bad move since they are your direct source to getting your questions answered.  After being in the Navy forever now there are a million other jobs I wish I would have done instead of my own but I had a near perfect ASVAB score so I was led to get the number one job in the Navy for high ASVAB plus 3 college degree's.  There are tons of really really fun jobs in the Navy that you will never know about if you close your mind and only want  couple of different jobs.  Good luck, ask questions and keep a really open mind.  It is the people in the Navy that are important, the job not so much.

  5. No you are not obligated to sign the dotted line.   Don't take a job you don't want.  Take the Entry Test and see where you stand.  If there is no job you like; simple say thanks but no thanks.    

  6. What ever you do, don't buy in to the "it's easy to change into the job you really want after your in" line. I saw many recruits in boot camp with jobs they didn't want because the recruiters made it sound like an easy process.

    If you don't like what they offer, don't sign.

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