Can they do drugs in the army??

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My man used to smoke weed pretty regularly, then he joined the army and was stationed in Fort Campbell, KY.

He SAYS they do drug testing pretty frequently and that he has stopped smoking weed, but sometimes i get the feeling that he did it occasionally.. I know a friend of his did it all the time. And he told me that he smoked weed twice while in afghanistan (his sergeant gave it to him??)

so i don't understand, how can they smoke weed if they get drug tested often?

Basically, if you're in the army, at a base, how often did the people around you or yourself do drugs?




  1. Only idiots in the military do drugs.  Let me rephrase that....only idiots do drugs, period.  

    If you're in the military and you're doing drugs, you are only risking your career.  They can do random drug tests whenever they want, that's why they're called random.  When I was in the Air Force, there was a period when our entire unit did random drug tests for close to three months.  It wasn't because people were getting in trouble, it was what was mandated by our commander.  Your boyfriend or husband, whatever he is, can walk into work one day, and they can tell him to report for the urinalysis (drug test) and he can't do anything about it.  

    AS far as them smoking weed in Afghanistan, I would be surprised.  Mail going in and out of the countries over there are subject to being searched.  I've seen packages get opened (and it's allowed) and checked for illegal items.  I would be surprised if they really smoked weed over there.  They may have smoked these little cigarettes over there called 'Beedies'.  They look like joints, and from what I've heard, they smell like them too, but they're not.  They are rolled tobacco leaves that are smoked.  It's something that is common for the middle east region.

  2. Sure they can smoke weed or snort coke; but, they will be tested.  Most the time the test are randomly picked individuals; other times the entire unit is called to give the sample of urine.   If his Sergeant gave him the weed, that Sergeant is in jeopardizing his own career.  

    In Panama, we were tested four days every week for three months straight.  During this time, 12 soldiers showed up HOT.  Every one of them got Court Martial and serving time in the Federal Prison.  

    Its not wise to do drugs in the Army these days.

  3. They do random drug testing.  They do catch many.

  4. NO F@@@@G WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get caught and you are  f####d!

  5. If you are caught doing drugs you can be kicked out right away but if you are SPC and below you might be allowed to stay in after being busted down to PVT.  CPL and above get kicked out after serving their extra duty.  It's possible you can get away with it depending on what you use and the frequency of the drug tests because they are random and they usually don't do the whole unit at the same time.  When I went to Iraq last time I got an urinalysis once in 14 months.

  6.   People who want to get kicked out smoke weed.  People who want to stay in but still use drugs prefer coke, meth, X, shrooms, and other drugs which exit your system in about 72 hours.  Getting high while on leave is common for servicemembers.  The smart ones stop doing it a week or so before they go back and use something to clean their system.  

      Don't take this as an endorsement for drug use in the military.  Random drug testing is used and a lot of people who don't want to leave the service are forced to.

  7. idk hw do you think we would know!!!!!!!!!! DUH

  8. Drugs are commonplace in the Army. Many people do they.

    We do get drug tested often, but many times people know when they are going to get tested. They always check for Weed, but some of the other stuff is on rotation, and there are a lot of drugs that they don't check for.

    Some people just take the risk and get high, because unless they get tested within a couple days, it is highly unlikely they come up "hot".

  9. How should I know I'm not in the army.

    Hey if I was I would be smoking drinking doing drugs anything I could to get rid of the * i've done,seen,and heard.

    The army is for idiots if you wan't to risk yourlife for your own country that fine but I don't care if you get killed because its your problem yea I support you for protecting the country but Osama is still not dead and the war is still not over.

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  10. Only legal ones

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