What can I do in high school to prepare for becoming a pilot in the Navy?

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What can I do in high school to prepare for becoming a pilot in the Navy?




  1. 1 best approach to be a pilot in any branch of the military is to get outstanding grades,  be involved in JR ROTC in a leadership position or be a leader at your school.  Taking honor classes will do more for you than taking simple classes.  Take more math and science than required.   What you want to go is get into any of the miltiary academies.   If you want to be a pilot in the Navy,  go for the Naval Academy.   If you get good grades there you will be at the top of the heap for getting to flight school   You will be above ROTC graduates,  direct appointment officers and OCS graduates.  

    #2.  If you can not get into the Naval Academy,  then shoot for a good college and go for some sort of engineering degree.  Again,  good grades are the key.  You will want to do ROTC at the college,  preferably Navy.   When you graduate you will be commissioned as a reserve officer in the Navy.   Then you have to prove your worth for the next 2-4 years.   If you did as above,  you can get into flight school.

    #3.  However,  you need to make sure you meet the physical standards to fly.   These are quite a bit tougher than enterance standards so you should go to a recruiter and see if you even qualify.   If they say 20-30 vision uncorrected and you wear glasses because you are 20-40 you may as well forget flying.   If you are color blind,  forget it.   If you are too tall or too short,  forget it.  Find out what the standards are before you get your hopes too high.   Even if you can walk on water if you do not meet the physical standards you are out of luck.  

  2. Study hard and stay out of trouble.  You could also join the Civil Air Patrol.  Even though it's an Air Force Auxiliary, it gives you flight and military training, which can stand you in good stead in any branch of the service.

  3. don't drink and get caught or do drugs if you get busted you will have no carrier but maybe mopping that flight deck instead of taking off in an F-18 or anything else. Also the drinking thing don't even think about getting any kind of security clearance because they don't give those to drinkers even if it was that one time(back in high school) or whenever it gets put on your record.

  4. Try and find a high school that has a JROTC program. My high school had one and it really teaches you alot about the military.  Look it up on the internet it will tell you more about it.

  5. Stay in school, then get a 4 year degree.

  6. don't do drugs

  7. I'm pretty sure you need a college degree to be a pilot. Good luck.

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