Release from Air Force DEP?

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A few months ago I DEPed in the Air force I sent a letter of seperation to the MEPS Commander. How do I know if I have been released, I plain to

join the Marine Corps soon. I am talking to an Air Force recruiter tomorrow.




  1. rip -

    just because you requested release from the Air Force, I wouldn't get my hope up too high.  You've entered into a legal contract with the AF and they won't release you for just any 'ol reason. Not sure where you are in the enlistment process, but if you've signed documents, you may already be locked into the AF.

  2. You should have received a letter saying you were released from DEP...if it's been a while, call the AF recruiter immediately.  If it was just last week they might not have received it yet.

    Getting out of DEP is easy...all you have to say is I want out.  But, going back in can be harder.  Normally, you have to get a waiver to go in because you already committed once and backed out, they want to make sure you don't do it again.  Make sure and tell the Marines what you did so they can keep you on the up and up.

    Good luck!

  3. you will/should get a DEP Discharge notice.  Talk with the AF Recruiter and he should be able to tell you if you have already been discharged.

    Why oh why are you changing your mind on the AF to go into the Marines?  What sold you on the Marines?

    Additional Information:  

    You should be able to just go join the Marines.  If I recall, I think your MEPS physical is good for 1 year.  

    As per the AF Regulation "AFRSI36-2001"

    2.40. DEP Discharge:

    2.40.1. Enlistees will be discharged from the DEP when they:

     Reach the 365-day DEP maximum.

     Fail to report for AD enlistment.

     Become permanently DQd for enlistment.

     Have a bonafide hardship or unusual reason.

     Request to be discharged.

    You should have received something within 30 days following DEP Discharge.

  4. It can take as long as six months to be released from DEP. Check with your old Air Force recruiter and see if you have been discharged. If your ship date has come and gone then most likely you have. Luckily the Air Force is a service which has an abundance of enlistees so they probably weren't as angry with you for backing out of DEP and discharged you sooner than the Army would have.

    P.S. Stretch, you can back out of DEP before you sign your second contract and ship to boot camp.

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