Army bonus: Still haven't gotten it?

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I still haven't gotten my bonus and it's been due since last October. I sent a copy of my contract to Ft. McCoy(or wherever it gets sent, I sent it through my S-1 SSG) in April, but I still haven't gotten it! I really need it, I dunno what to do, but I'm really pissed. Is there anything else I can do?




  1. Call your superior. Look on secured websites if you have them. The government, like any employer is very slow to part with cash.  

  2. Bug the p**s out of them, usually they are really good about giving you there money . Get all your paper work together and then get a buddy in the paper pushing area and see what they can do. Also I would get in touch with the highest superior you can and see what they can do.  

  3. have fun with that, my cousin signed on  and was told he was to get it after he completed his field medic training. That was 18 months ago, and his yeoman is telling him he has to wait until the end of his first contract which is another 13 months.

    If he had time he could write his congressman. But he is scared since they screen his outgoing letters while he's out in the gulf region. So he says it isn't his priority right now, he can't buy much while out on the field anyway and his main issue is coming home without getting hurt. Also he tells us he's scared of getting sent to russia or somewhere else. He just wants back in state-side.

    The best thing if you are active duty, is talk to your supervisor, and also the admin office for your command. If that doesn't work make a certiefied copy of your contract and send it with a letter to your congressman explaining your issue. Detail who you spoke to and what they instructed.  

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