Im fresh out of bootcamp (USMC)?

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I'm going kinda crazy

i cant stand it

everything else other than boot camp seems haynes

i want to go back for some reason

i dont have a car

my girl is at parris island

and i cant drink b/c when i do i tend to fight and now that i can really really hurt some one i dont even wanna contemplate it

has anyone else felt like this

just completely bored and couldnt wait until you went back to training

i got 9 days left until i go back to california to finish training (mct)

plz ppl help me




  1. I would honestly suggest playing video games to pass the time. they keep me from going crazy and out of trouble sometimes :)    rent a good first person shooter game for the xbox. Drinking and video games is always fun too but i guess you probably shouldn't since you have to go to more training pretty soon. good luck!

  2. my ex   is already done with that and he just spent time with friends and family as much as he could....he is now is south carolina...

  3. Go to the VA hospital and do some volunteer work. The ones who came before deserve it.

  4. I leave the 11th of sept for the army. Congrats on graduating.I am glade to hear you like it so much in the service.  I hope I do.Try catching up with old friends or family, go to the gym and run off the bordness. Shop for a car, you said you don't have one find a good deal or maybe a bike  . You will have to take a class for the bike, that would occupy your time. There is tones of stuff to do , make new friends where you are.  All in all good luck and thank you for serving.  

  5. did you learn anything about discipline in there? you know your limits, set one and stick to it. or you could join the Lady's sewing circle.

    sorry, that means develop other interests.


    Sounds strikingly familiar.

    "Heinous. You are just heinous."

  7.   Congratulations on graduating into the Marine Corps !

    Look !  Before you get into trouble either go back to base early, they will find some duty for you.  Just tell them you needed to come back, you had nothing more important to do.

    Otherwise, go visit some VA hospitals and get a little different perspective on what it's all about.

    Those VA veterans will be happy to visit with you, and trust me, they will all have plenty of advice for you.  It could be a real cultural experience for you !  Semper Fi, my brother !

  8. All I can say is go back to what you did before you went to boot camp assuming these activities are not illegal or against UCMJ regulations. MCT will come around quickly I can guarantee you that. Enjoy your leave, that's why they gave it to Marines fresh out of boot.

  9. Go to a gym and do some physical training.  The exercise will help you burn energy, and you will find MCT will be easier as well.   Keep off the booze, because getting into fights is the quickest way to the brigade, and you don't want to start your career like that.  Go find some newspapers to read, or do some parcour (free style running, where you do tricks off walls, benches and other things in the urban enviroment).

  10. don't worry, once you go through mct, mos school then the fleet you'll wish you were still at home..

    just hang in there the next 9 days although i don't know what you're complaining about should be happy to have time at home with ur family.

  11. Devildog, I know you're looking around thinking to yourself "Frickn nasty civilians", trust me we've all been there. When you end up back at the airport in S.D. and you start running into your buds from boot it'll be like some kind of class reunion.

       In the meantime how 'bout you get your alphas squared away for when you have to check in at MCT, make sure you pack your boots and cammies at the top of your sea bag because you change over almost as soon as you get off the bus anyway.Maybe you can toss on your Charlies and go to the mall and see if any young ladies might enjoy the company of a young Marine before he has to leave. Whatever you do just be smart about it and have fun, you never know when the next time you'll be home will be.

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