High school student traveling for free?

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is there any way that a student such as myself who's parents has low income will be able to travel overseas or even in the usa because im in the 11th grade and i like to travel but my mom doesnt have the money for me to do things like this so does anybody know of like a program that will pay for me to do these things?




  1. do some odd jobs for neighbors  shuffling snow, mowing lawn,  taking out garbage     you could probaly get  about $ 5-25 dollars per yard  or  walk the dogs  charge 10 dollares a dog

  2. Try out for an exchange student program, I am not sure there are fees with it, other then that I don't know of any program that you could get in to that is free, unless there is a grant out there. You still have to pay for a passport.Or you can join the military when your of age.

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